Brazilian Art

The art of Brazil is a fascinating blend of indigenous, African and European influences, creating a unique and authentic identity. From the rock art of the country's first inhabitants to contemporary artistic expressions, Brazilian art is rich in diversity and creativity.

Brazilian artistry is expressed in different ways, from the use of local materials and techniques to the representation of themes and symbols that refer to the country's culture and history. A striking example is Brazilian Baroque art, which developed during the colonial period and is characterized by a mixture of religious and folk elements, with a highlight on polychrome wooden sculptures.

Another example is Brazilian popular art, which encompasses a wide variety of artistic expressions, such as cordel literature, crafts, and popular festivals. These expressions are marked by a strong connection with the culture and daily life of the Brazilian people, conveying values, beliefs, and traditions through art.

In contemporary art, Brazilian identity is expressed in more subjective and symbolic ways, often questioning and reinterpreting stereotypes and prejudices associated with national identity. Artists such as Tarsila do Amaral, Lygia Clark, and Hélio Oiticica explored Brazilian identity in their works, creating new forms of expression and breaking with traditional aesthetic standards.

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Celestial Blue Plumage
Ana Aly
Celestial Blue Plumage Sale priceFrom $180.00
Próxima ao jardim
Próxima ao jardim Sale priceFrom $180.00
Autumn III
José Bassit
Autumn III Sale priceFrom $89.00
Autumn IV
José Bassit
Autumn IV Sale priceFrom $89.00
Autumn V
José Bassit
Autumn V Sale priceFrom $89.00
Tanintharyi - MyanmarTanintharyi - Myanmar
Meninos de Itapema
Amanda Oliveira
Meninos de Itapema Sale priceFrom $89.00
Beach of nostalgia I
Caio Cezar
Beach of nostalgia I Sale priceFrom $89.00
obras abstrata com as cores da praia de ipanema no Rio de Janeiro e o calçadãoIpanema Rio de Janeiro
Beach of nostalgia II
Caio Cezar
Beach of nostalgia II Sale priceFrom $89.00
Barcos Caraíva I
Fernando Sigma
Barcos Caraíva I Sale priceFrom $89.00
Série Azul II
Giacomo Mancini
Série Azul II Sale priceFrom $89.00
Série Azul III
Giacomo Mancini
Série Azul III Sale priceFrom $89.00
Gustavo Goes
Dedicação Sale priceFrom $89.00
Vento de Iemanjá sou eu
Rumo ao Desconhecido
Gustavo Goes
Rumo ao Desconhecido Sale priceFrom $89.00
Amanhecer no Rio São Francisco
Sublime Rio
Tarcíso Albuquerque
Sublime Rio Sale priceFrom $89.00
Blue Trancoso (Bahia)Blue Trancoso (Bahia)
8 Collective
Blue Trancoso (Bahia) Sale priceFrom $89.00
Guerreira Fulni
Juliana Helcer
Guerreira Fulni Sale priceFrom $89.00
Guarda-sois, Camuruxatiba, Bahia, Brasil
Ciclista, Camuruxatiba, Bahia, Brasil
Chuva e Risco
Fernando Sigma
Chuva e Risco Sale priceFrom $89.00
Barquinho Satu
Fernando Sigma
Barquinho Satu Sale priceFrom $89.00
Série Azul IV
Giacomo Mancini
Série Azul IV Sale priceFrom $89.00
Valdemir Cunha
Amazônia Sale priceFrom $89.00
Coração Rosa Bahia
Diego Baravelli
Rio III Sale priceFrom $89.00
Green Plumage
Ana Aly
Green Plumage Sale priceFrom $180.00
Autumn I
José Bassit
Autumn I Sale priceFrom $89.00
Mergulho Profundo
Claudio Colavolpe
Mergulho Profundo Sale priceFrom $89.00
Barcos Caraíva II
Fernando Sigma
Barcos Caraíva II Sale priceFrom $89.00
O salto e o farol
Lucas D'Almeida
O salto e o farol Sale priceFrom $89.00
Ancorando na Paz
Rodrigo Castro
Ancorando na Paz Sale priceFrom $89.00
Praia da ponte - Salinas