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Select Size: 48x72 cm - Limited Edition 180
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Alberto Lago is part of the new generation of Cuban artists making waves in the contemporary art scene. The young artist stands out with a fluorescent narrative that navigates the sensory sea of psychedelia. Some of his work can be observed under blacklight thanks to the fluorescent pigments used in his pieces.

Drawing strong influences from art movements such as Fauvism and Neo-Expressionism, Alberto Lago seeks to share his personal experiences with the audience through his canvas. From pleasure to ecstasy, the artist's paintings use stereotypical symbols and evoke sensations linked to human happiness. The idea is to admire the paintings from a voyeuristic perspective.

The "noisy harmony" in Alberto Lago's work is influenced by great figures in the world of painting like Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, and Marc Chagall.