Alberto Lago

Alberto Lago is part of the new generation of Cuban artists that are making an impact in the contemporary art scene. The young artist stands out with a fluorescent narrative that navigates the sensory sea of ​​psychedelia. Part of his work can be observed under black light thanks to the fluorescent pigments used in the pieces.

Strongly influenced by currents such as Fauvism and Neo-Expressionism, Alberto Lago seeks to share his personal experiences with the public on canvas. From pleasure to ecstasy, the artist's paintings use stereotyped symbols and provoke sensations linked to human happiness. The idea is to admire the paintings from a voyeuristic perspective.

The "noisy harmony" of Alberto Lago's work has the influence of great names in world painting such as Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, and Marc Chagall.

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Lovers in big sur
Alberto Lago
Lovers in big sur Sale priceFrom $390.00
Naugragos del amor
Alberto Lago
Naugragos del amor Sale priceFrom $390.00
Alberto Lago
Aurora Sale priceFrom $390.00
Alberto Lago
Vuelo Sale priceFrom $390.00
La cumbre del sentimento
Alberto Lago
La cumbre del sentimento Sale priceFrom $390.00
El rastro de lo inconcebible
El balcon de tus ojos
Alberto Lago
El balcon de tus ojos Sale priceFrom $390.00
Paisaje com Hongos
Alberto Lago
Paisaje com Hongos Sale priceFrom $390.00