Ondas - Itamambuca

Select Finishing: Cotton Paper
Select Size: 20x25 cm - Mini Classic Format
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Gustavo Jacob, an accomplished architect and avid surfer, is a renowned natural landscape photographer and travel documentarian. Based in São Paulo, Brazil, his heart resonates with the coastal allure of Ubatuba, a town he's deeply connected with. Growing up amidst the Atlantic Forest's lushness, Jacob's artistry is a blend of urban Sao Paulo's vibrancy and Itamabuca's serene beaches. His photography portfolio is a vivid reflection of this unique duality, showcasing his focus on capturing the inherent beauty of nature.

Jacob, with a dream to traverse the globe, is on a mission to photograph the world's most secluded and wild places. His aspiration is to find solitude and establish a deep connection with nature, which is evident in his stunning landscape photography. Gustavo's works are more than just images; they are emotive narratives that inspire viewers to connect with their desires and the environment. His photography, perfect for art enthusiasts and travel aficionados alike, encourages exploration of remote natural landscapes and underlines the importance of preserving these natural wonders.

Explore Gustavo Jacob's captivating collection, where each photograph tells a story of adventure and natural beauty, available for enthusiasts and collectors alike. His work is a testament to the fusion of architectural precision and the free spirit of surfing, making each piece a unique exploration of the world's natural landscapes