Gray, Black, and Red II

Select Finishing: Canvas
Select Size: 58x48 cm - Limited Edition 180
Sale price$390.00

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In every stroke of Ana Rita Videira's works, the magic of abstraction comes to life, revealing a universe of emotion and expression. Her mastery of subdued shades of gray, black, and red transforms into a mesmerizing dance of contrasts and meanings.

Each brushstroke is an untold story, an invitation to explore the mysteries of the subconscious. The deep tones of gray and black give an aura of mystery, while the vibrant red radiates passion and energy.

Ana Rita Videira's works transcend the ordinary, immersing you in a world of reflection and contemplation. Whether in your living room, office, or art gallery, these abstract paintings add a touch of sophistication and depth to any space.

Acquire a work of art that not only enriches your environment but also your soul. Ana Rita Videira's creations are much more than simple paintings; they are gateways to imagination and sources of endless inspiration. #AbstractArt #SubduedPaintings #GrayBlackRed