A moment of silence

Select Finishing: Cotton Paper
Select Size: 20x25 cm - Mini Classic Format
Sale price$89.00

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This captivating and nostalgic image captures a truly special locale: the Carrasqueira Palafitte Harbor, near the picturesque village of Comporta, Portugal.

This unique photo portrays a timeless scene, embodying both the enduring beauty and the ephemeral nature of life. The structures in the foreground and background evoke memories of a charming past while reminding us of life's transient nature. It is an artwork that invites the viewer to delve into a moment of contemplation, immersion, and connection with history and human nature.

Sadly, like all precious things, the setting of this photograph has changed over the years, making this image even more unique and valuable. It captures a landscape that no longer exists, making it a true artistic treasure.

Acquiring "A Moment of Silence" means bringing into your home not just a piece of art, but a window into a magical and fleeting moment in history. Every time you gaze upon this photograph, you will be transported to the Carrasqueira Palafitte Harbor, connecting with your emotions and letting your imagination soar.