Alexandre Wittboldt

Alexandre Wittboldt started photography out of passion. He studied at the Panamericana School of Art and Design and has participated in various photography events and exhibitions.

Wittboldt's photography follows a poetic, urban, and minimalist style. A traveler by necessity, Wittboldt presents us with his records of constructions, landscapes, and daily scenes predominantly in black and white, revealing a photography that flirts with documentary style, with images rich in details and textures, and others of singular elegance in their minimalism.

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Shangai 1838
Alexandre Wittboldt
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Shangai 1764
Alexandre Wittboldt
Shangai 1764 Sale priceFrom $180.00
Olimpic Village - Beijing
District - Beijing II
District - Beijing
Chinese road 3
Alexandre Wittboldt
Chinese road 3 Sale priceFrom $180.00
Chinese road 2Chinese road 2
Alexandre Wittboldt
Chinese road 2 Sale priceFrom $180.00
Chinese road 1
Alexandre Wittboldt
Chinese road 1 Sale priceFrom $180.00
Chinese road