Beach of nostalgia II

Material: Cotton Paper
Tamanho: 20x25 cm - Mini Classic Format
Sale price$89.00

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Caio Cezar's black and white photographs are a true ode to Brazilian culture and the enchantment of Bahia. Descendant from a lineage of photographers, Caio started in the profession at the young age of 16 as a darkroom technician developing black and white films. Over the years, he honed his craft and became an award-winning photojournalist, working for prominent newspapers and magazines such as Editora Globo, Revista Trip, UOL, and Folha de São Paulo. With a unique and discerning eye, his images have the ability to capture the soul of the Brazilian people and Bahian culture, conveying in each photograph the history, traditions, and singular beauty of our country. Discover his works in our online gallery now and find the perfect piece to decorate your space with elegance and Brazilian flair.