Magical Cube

Select Finishing: Canvas
Select Size: 67x48 cm - Limited Edition 360
Sale price$390.00

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Alemão possesses the gift of graffiti and challenges conventions in the global urban art scene. The Brazilian artist is making waves both within and beyond Brazil with his graffiti characters.

The artist's creative power has reached over 25 countries and led to his works being exhibited twice at the renowned Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

His remarkable artistic journey began in school notebooks and on walls as an outlet for coping with dyslexia, and it gained enormous recognition with the unmissable "Bicycles" series, where the imaginary world of a child overflows. Learning to ride a bicycle is something one never forgets, much like the childhood escapades that are eternally cherished.

Alemão's work transports us back to that unforgettable time, freezing the magic that once existed within it. Despite being incomplete in certain areas, his characters are "whole" in their own way.

The visual artist and graffiti artist envelops them in vibrant colors, bringing them closer to cheerful childhood symbols such as balloons, musical instruments, and animals.