Childhood memories

Select Finishing: Canvas
Select Size: 48x59 cm - Limited Edition 180
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If you have a deep passion for graffiti or street art, then you absolutely must discover the remarkable creations of "Alemão Art." This Brazilian artist stands among the prominent figures in the global urban art scene, and his framed masterpieces and graffiti installations are nothing short of ingenious expressions of creativity and originality.

With an extraordinary artistic journey, Alemão Art began sketching on school walls as a means to cope with dyslexia and give voice to his boundless imagination. Over time, his technique has flourished, and his artworks have graced the walls of art galleries and museums in over 25 countries.

Among his most acclaimed series is "Bicycles." Here, Alemão Art invites viewers into a whimsical and nostalgic realm, bursting with vibrant colors and captivating characters. His pieces are ideal for embellishing modern and imaginative spaces, adding a dash of uniqueness and character to any setting.

For those in pursuit of graffiti-infused art, Alemão Art's creations stand as the perfect choice. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, carrying the artist's vivacity and creativity, effectively transforming any space into a veritable hub of artistic expression.

Don't let the opportunity slip by to adorn your home with an exclusive work of art by one of the world's foremost luminaries in the realm of urban art.